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The Cape Aloe Collection is a brand of Aloe Ferox USA LLC, a wholesale distributer of Aloe nutritional supplement products. We use a unique species of Aloe that is wild-harvested along the coast line of South Africa by rural folk known as Aloe-tappers. This aloe is known by several names including Aloe Ferox, Cape Aloe, Bitter Aloe or African Aloe. This unique specie of Aloe is notably more potent than it's familiar sister-specie, Aloe Vera. 


Wild-harvested represents all the familiar terms such as "organic", "natural", "fair-trade" and "eco-friendly". Wild-harvested ingredients are collected by hand from and unmanaged eco-system, very similar to the way that hunter-gatherers use to collect herbs and foods in ancient times. The Cape Aloe used in all our products are 100% wild-harvested from a small region along the Cape of South Africa. Here the rural folk have perfected the craft of harvesting these Aloe's in the wild, without jeopardizing their sustainability or the quality of the raw product used to manufacture beauty and personal care products.


As part our commitment to sustaining the Cape Aloe, we have partnered with the Cape Aloe Movement which is an initiative dedicated to protect the unique Cape Aloe species and also uplift the Aloe-tapper communities. Look out for the Cape Aloe Movement logo on our products which symbolizes our commitment to give back to the community and sustain our planet's resources. 


The wide range of products are formulated with the intent of maximally utilizing the soothing and healing qualities of the unique aloe plant. The core products are augmented by various wholesomeness and beauty products that cater for maintaining general body care.

Aloe Ferox

Aloe Ferox