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Aloe Ferox Bitter Powder-1 kg
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Aloe Ferox Bitter Powder-1 kg

Aloe Ferox Bitter Powder-1 kg

Aloe Ferox Bitter Powder-1 kg
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Bitter Powder - Aloe Ferox Bitter Powder is made from the bitter sap of the Aloe Ferox plant. this raw material is available in 1 kilogram quantities for inclusion in your formula. Our Product has minimally 20% Aloin content.  Max is 25%  It varys from batch to batch and weather conditions in South Africa's Cape.

Made in South Africa from Free Range Harvested Aloe Ferox leaves, no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers used in the production of this plant.
ships in 1kg, 9kg  and 20 kg quantities only - minimum order 9 kg
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