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Friction Gloves
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Friction Gloves

Friction Gloves

Friction Gloves
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Use these rough nylon gloves in your fight against cellulite. Cellulite forms slowly when the circulation and lymphatic system become lazy causing waste and toxic material to builds up in the tissue. Brush your skin daily to encourage removal of toxic waste directly through the skin by increased blood circulation and lymphatic draining. Skin brushing also promotes cell rejuvenation and a quick exchange in the collagen connective tissue. Daily skin brushing is a gentle, yet effective, way to encourage the detoxification process.

The best time to skin brush is just before a bath or shower.
1.Use friction gloves and follow a 5-minute routine daily. Brush your dry skin in the morning and at night. Brush the entire body – except the face.
On dry skin: begin at the tip of the shoulders and move over the entire body, except the head, with long smooth strokes always directed towards the heart. Start gently, increasing the action as the body becomes accustomed to the feeling. Slight redness can appear in stagnant areas where circulation is improved. The whole process takes 5 minutes. In case you only want to brush cellulite areas, 2 minutes will be sufficient.
2.Follow up with Cel-u-lite Gel. If bathing, wait to apply Aloe Ferox Cel-u-lite Gel until afterwards.
3.Supplement your daily diet with Balance-it.
4.Prevent constipation with Aloe Ferox Fabulous Fiber Bitter.
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