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Skin Care with Aloe Ferox
Skin care routine

The following routine should be followed daily, morning and evening.

STEP 1: Cleanse face and neck with an appropriate cleanser.

Supplementary to cleansing: The following is advised 1-3 times weekly, depending on your skin type

  • deep cleanse by using a mask.
  • remove dead cells by using a scrub.

    STEP 2: Tone face and neck after cleansing with Balancing Toner. Skin pores are closed and skin is left cool and refreshed.

    STEP 3: Rejuvenate your skin with Super Aloe Gel/Bitter Aloe Gel.

    STEP 4: Moisturize and nourish your skin with an appropriate moisturizer by day and night. Women above 25 years should always use a night cream for extra protection.

    Combine STEP 3 and STEP 4 by mixing your moisturizer and aloe gel prior to application to improve absorption.

    Special skin care

    • EYE CREAM for delicate eye area,
    • NECK CREAM for delicate neck skin & breast,
    • WRINKLE-LESS CRÈME use instead of, or along with day/night cream,
    • SPOTLESS CRÈME, use instead of day/night cream for a blemish-free skin
    • RADICAL IMAGE capsules for an attractive skin.
Baby BalmBaby Balm
Baby BottomBaby Bottom
Baby OilBaby Oil
Balancing TonerBalancing Toner
Bath Oil 200mlBath Oil 200mlBody treatment suitable for skin needing more moisturizing.
Bitter Aloe Gel 100mlBitter Aloe Gel 100mlBitter Aloe Gel 100ml
Bitter BalmBitter BalmBitter Balm consists of a combination of herbs that may have a beneficial effect on persistent skin complaints accompanied by dry skin.
Bitter CrystalsBitter CrystalsCape Aloe bitters is traditionally used for the beneficial effect it has on symptoms of constipation, eczema, pain due to arthritis, and high blood pressure.
Body BasicsBody BasicsBody Basics contains a number of ingredients that are vital for your well being
Body ScrubBody ScrubA liquid body soap with fine granules to gently remove dead skin.
Cel-U-Lite GelCel-U-Lite Gel
Cleansing Cream 150mlCleansing Cream 150ml
Cleansing Cream-50 mlCleansing Cream-50 ml
Combination Skin Trial PackCombination Skin Trial Pack
Enriched Night CreamEnriched Night Cream
Eye CreamEye Cream
Eye GelEye Gel
Facial MaskFacial Mask
Facial Wash BitterFacial Wash Bitter
Facial Wash RegularFacial Wash Regular
Foaming CleanserFoaming Cleanser
Friction GlovesFriction Gloves
Glycerin SoapGlycerin Soap
Hair and Body WashHair and Body Wash
Hand and Body Lotion 75mLHand and Body Lotion 75mL
Hand and Body Lotion150 mLHand and Body Lotion150 mL
Hand Cream - 150 mLHand Cream - 150 mL
Hand Cream - 75mLHand Cream - 75mL
Heel Balm 250mlHeel Balm 250ml
Heel Balm 50mlHeel Balm 50ml
Lip Balm - mintLip Balm - mint
Lip Balm - originalLip Balm - original
Lip Balm - raspberryLip Balm - raspberry
Liquid Body Wash BitterLiquid Body Wash Bitter
Luxury Foam BathLuxury Foam Bath
Mature/Dry Trial PackMature/Dry Trial Pack
Moisturize 4 Him - 150 mLMoisturize 4 Him - 150 mL
Moisturizer - 150 mLMoisturizer - 150 mL
Moisturizer - 50mLMoisturizer - 50mL
Moisturizing MaskMoisturizing Mask
Nail and Cuticle GelNail and Cuticle Gel
Neck CreamNeck Cream
Night CreamNight Cream
Normal Skin Trial PackNormal Skin Trial Pack
Oily Skin Trial PackOily Skin Trial Pack
Problem Skin Trial PackProblem Skin Trial Pack
Radical ImageRadical Image
Refining ScrubRefining Scrub
Shower Gel - LadiesShower Gel - Ladies
Shower Gel - MenShower Gel - Men
SpotLess CremeSpotLess Creme
Sun Care Lotion - 150 mLSun Care Lotion - 150 mL
Sun Care Lotion - 75 mLSun Care Lotion - 75 mL
Super Aloe Gel - 150 mLSuper Aloe Gel - 150 mL
Super Aloe Gel - 75 mLSuper Aloe Gel - 75 mL
Timless Skin Eye CreamTimless Skin Eye CreamContains bio-active peptide complexes that have been proven to reduce under-eye circles,
Tissue OilTissue Oil
Ultra-Rich Night CreamUltra-Rich Night Cream
Vanishing CreamVanishing Cream
Whole-Leaf GelWhole-Leaf Gel
Wrinkle-less CrèmeWrinkle-less Crème

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